Join a sports analytics revolution providing access to professional analytics at affordable prices. Our product is of interest both to early-stage amateurs through to elite professionals and everyone in between who wants to use analytics to improve their game. Become a part of the movement.


It is so simple! Use any video recording device, such as your smartphone, to record your tennis match. Attach the device to the back of the court using a camera holder (buy on amazon if you don't already have something you can use). Nothing else is as simple and cost effective. Want to know more?


Upload your video and wait for our Artificially Intelligent (AI) to do it's work. You will be shortly notified by Intelligenz Sports when your Analytics are available. Finally the future has arrived that allows you to better your game. Come and join the revolution.


What we measure

The solution to your expensive tennis analytics problems is right here. Intelligenz Sports for tennis measures all the data you would usually expect from a professional analytics platform, at reasonable prices. Our analytics include:

  • Serve Stats
  • Backhand Stats
  • Forehand Stats
  • Unforced errors and court position.
  • Plus much more...

How we do it

Using the latest techniques in computer vision and AI our unique system will analyze anything from short clips of your game to full matches. The only equipment you need is a smartphone and a camera holder. Our latest computer vision and AI algorithms will analyze your performance and provide you with the data you need to track and improve your performance.


Intelligenz Sports provides tennis players of every level, from early stage amateurs to elite professionals, with a 'smart court in your pocket' solution. This will allow for quantitative performance feedback that has previously been unattainable for some and costly for everyone else. We know it's tricky to improve performance without metrics. That's why we've built a solution that everyone can use to measure what matters. Want to know more?


Sports analytics is revolutionizing the way sports are played and strategized. Data informs how we discuss and broadcast sports and is able to take amateur tennis players further, quicker. However, sports performance data is only available to the elite few. Not anymore, help us make this happen.


Observation, Analysis & Intervention are at the heart of Intelligenz Sports tennis solution. We use data to deliver detailed statistics to amateurs and coaches. Until now these have only been available to professional tennis players. Anyone wanting to improve their tactics on the court as well as their training regimens will benefit from Intelligenz Sports analytics platform.


Our tennis analytics platform will change the landscape for tennis coaches. Analytics can be used both before, during and after a match. Predicting the outcomes of various game strategies and patterns is simple and creates a multitude of opportunities for coaches to be better able to prepare for competition. If you are a coach let us introduce you to our vision.


Becoming a better player takes time. We at Intelligenz Sports know this first hand. Without hard data over time how do you know what is making a difference and is your hard work in training paying off. We all know that ultimately we are playing against ourselves and trying each day to be a better player than the day before. We are here to help you on that journey!