You Bring the hardware

  1. Use or buy your own camera mount.
  2. Attach your smartphone, GoPro or other camera solution to the top of the court fence behind where you play.
  3. Record your match.

We Provide the Smarts

  1. Go to our site.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Upload your new video.
  4. Wait for the magic to happen.


  • Total serves
  • 1st / 2nd serve %
  • Fastest / Average serve speed
  • # Aces
  • # Double faults
  • Backhand /Forehand stats
  • Rally stats
  • Court Position
  • Etc...


  • Analyze entire videos of your match.
  • Get a detailed overview of your performance.
  • Give your coach data for what to work on.
  • Get micro and macro level stats.
  • Track your performance over time.
  • See a return on training by selectively working on your weaknesses.


  • We want to build the best sports analytics platform out there.
  • Most companies say they want your feedback but to us it is essential - we want to build what you want and couldn't access before.
  • Register your interest and be part of something great.